Monday, April 2, 2012

Our marketing and consultant company is recruiting a local representative

Countries of interest: UK, Rep. of Ireland, Germany, Austria, Sweden

Our business is concerned with the promotion and development of web media projects
and also partakes in business consisting of alternate power sourcing methods, renewables, and modern green technologies.

We are searching for people who are willing to work and be reliable in the countries listed previously.


- It is necessary that you either own a company or are willing to start one fairly soon
and retain power of attorney of that company.
- It is required that you are a registered person of one of the countries listed earlier.
- It is also mandated that you are a degree holder from a recognized college.
- English proficiency needs to be roughly ninety percent in order for smooth back and forth communication.
- It is a definite plus on your behalf if you have a solid relationship with a financial institution
from your community or abroad.
- The amount of help we need will consist of about 3-4 hours per day initially, for the first two months,
and approximately 2-3 hours a day after that.
- The agreement between our working partnership will last one year, but may extend further to 2 years.

Your day to day activities will involve handling receivables from our selling.

Compensation is commission based, and is associated with the number of items we sell.

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